Unique Court Reporting Service Levels for Five Law Practice Areas

Attorneys make the record; stenographers preserve the record.  There are different ways to preserve testimony for the courtroom that may strengthen your discovery and de bene esse depositions.  Here are examples of leveraging technology for five law practice areas.

1) Personal Injury or Medical Malpractice

When a medical doctor or medical professional is providing testimony as to a plaintiff’s injuries or a medical provider is defending an accusation of negligence, there is typically illustrative evidence being introduced during de bene esse testimony of a treating physician or expert witness.  Utilizing a legal videographer who captures in HD will make medical records and other exhibits more crisp than a traditional SD video source.  Your expert witness’s testimony will have more impact in communicating what may have gone wrong or right when exhibits, such as electronic illustrations, are loaded on your iPad, personal tablet, or computer and integrated into the video record as testimony is being elicited.  You don’t have to wait for protracted and cost-prohibitive picture-in-picture post-production.  Our video specialists with multimedia tools and equipment can provide the digital picture-in-picture technology right there at the deposition site.

2) Commercial/Business Litigation

Commercial and business discovery depositions can be document intensive, as well as complex, whether you’re defending or prosecuting an antitrust action, business tort, contract dispute, intellectual property, or trade secret.

Using CompuScripts’ repository, clients have the ability to work online and collaborate with other team members wherever there is internet access.  When one team member discovers something important, our cloud-based repository makes it easy to share that information with other team members, even those who are on mobile devices.  Our repository stores both documents and transcript synced videos.

Another technology that is useful with complex testimony is the ability to access a realtime court reporter’s transcript stream.  A court reporter’s realtime text feed can give you a sophisticated technique of poring over critical testimony while the witness is still under oath.  The realtime text can be viewed in the conference room by yourself and a second chair, as well as viewed by support staff back at the office.   This efficiency has the potential of getting your matter ready for trial sooner and potentially generating a better outcome for your client.

3) Products Liability, Mass Toxic Torts, including Asbestos

With multiple law firms come many preferences for transcript deliveries and video formatting specifications.  CompuScripts has numerous offerings to keep the importation of data into your litigation support programs easy and efficient.  You can choose from standard PDF’s or PDF bundled packages that contain linked exhibits and a word concordance.  ETranscript and EPublisher formats are also available, as well as Summation Briefcase Format, ASCII, and other file extensions.  Our video formats include MiniDV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG-4, and authored DVD, WMV, DivX, AVI.

Whether you would like to teleconference or videoconference participants into a deposition, our office can make all the arrangements for you.  We support and offer a number of different solutions, including LiveDeposition and Courtroom Connect mobile videoconferencing.

Repository services for depositions and exhibits are available for data management and information sharing among team members or same-side parties.

When it’s time to go to the courthouse, don’t forget the realtime court reporter.  With the judge’s permission, our court reporters can provide a realtime transcript that you can review as the record is being made to assure yourself that the record is appeal favorable.

4) Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation

Whether you want us to record a PowerPoint presentation from a computer, a DVD recording from a player, digital exhibits loaded on an iPad, or paper documents using an ELMO document camera, know that CompuScripts has the equipment and expertise to capture and preserve electronic exhibits on the video record, either as a clean presentation, a High Definition Picture-in-Picture recording, or a web streaming video to a remote client

If you want to integrate an animation from a personal tablet, iPad, or computer into your legal video recording as your expert testifies, CompuScripts Court Reporters can make it happen. We can incorporate a PowerPoint presentation or a DVD recording from a player.  We can also use an ELMO document camera to incorporate a paper exhibit.  It’s important that all of these options are discussed well in advance of your deposition with our video department to assure the right videographer with the right equipment is assigned to you.  The more we know and understand your unique needs, the better we can prepare to deliver an exceptional legal video experience for your ultimate viewer.

5) Construction Litigation and Arbitration

CompuScripts videographers can assist you or your clients when a construction site video needs to be recorded.  We offer a wide selection of video file formats.

In the deposition room, when you’re talking takeoffs, kickers, and sistering, you want a court reporter who understands the jargon.  Our court reporters not only constantly hone their vocabulary skills, but are proficient at managing multiple parties’ objections, preferences, and standing orders.

Parties can request different access parameters to realtime streams , whether its in the conference room or streamed to a remote location.  Our realtime reporters can simultaneously support a wide range of litigation support realtime viewers, such as Bridge, LiveDeposition, LiveNote, CaseMap, West’s Case Notebook, Summation, Caseview, and more.   If you don’t have a dedicated realtime viewer, CompuScripts can provide onsite browsers.

CompuScripts’ remote streaming solution includes not only the realtime text feed, but it has the flexibility to add a video stream of the witness.  You have the ability to upload and download documents, annotate testimony that’s of interest to you , and confer in private online chats with other participants.