Traditional and Online Depositions Available!

CompuScripts Now Scheduling
Traditional and Online Depositions

Now that quarantine restrictions in South Carolina are easing and courts are reopening , CompuScripts is scheduling a mix of traditional and online depositions.  This means that all parties, some parties, or no parties may be in the same physical room during the deposition.  CompuScripts accomplishes this through the use of our large Columbia conference room set up for social distancing.  Because of our unique setup, attorneys can now mix and match aspects of face-to-face and virtual depositions.

How It Works 

Your good health and comfort are our top priority.  So whether you choose option 1, 2, or 3, the process is the same.  Anyone attending the deposition from our conference room will ring the call bell at the front of our Columbia, SC, facility.  After we remotely unlock the front door, the conference room is a few steps down a short hallway.  A staff member, wearing a mask for additional safety, will be on standby for assistance.   Hand sanitizer will be available, and restrooms and the conference room will be cleaned between uses according to CDC guidelines for high-touch points.  If you’ve never conducted online depositions, please contact us to ask questions or to schedule a demonstration.

Option 1

Option 1 starts with the most isolated interaction.  All parties participate remotely.  If your witness is not able to participate without assistance, CompuScripts will have a Zoom meeting set up and ready for the witness in our large conference room.  The court reporter and all additional parties will appear remotely, and the remote reporter will administer the oath.  Your exhibits can be viewed by all through Share Screen.  Finally, when your remote deposition finishes, the witness exits the conference room and building.

Option 2

Option 2 is similar to option 1’s online depositions, with the addition of the court reporter being seated 6 feet or more  from the witness in our conference room.  We set up the Zoom meeting so it is  ready for the deposition before the witness enters the building. The court reporter administers the oath in person and takes down testimony as usual.

Option 3

Although we encourage limiting on-site participation, if online depositions are not possible, option 3 allows traditional depositions to go forward.  First, we set up the conference room for a maximum of six people to be seated 6 feet apart.  Next, we ask you to bring premarked exhibits with enough copies for the parties, court reporter, and the witness.  As is customary, marked exhibits will be left with the court reporter at the end of the deposition.  Better yet, provide digital exhibits for the court reporter to include with the transcript.   Finally, if you are going to be taking multiple depositions, we will ask for a short recess in between.  During that time, we will clean the witness’s place in the conference room, including the table, chair, and armrests.

Free Virtual Connectivity during Pandemic

For more than a decade, CompuScripts has offered depositions conducted via videoconferencing.  So at this time when many are searching for ways to gather evidence in a safe environment, we are pleased to offer complimentary virtual meeting connectivity for our Zoom depositions.  Additionally, there is no charge for using our Columbia conference room for depositions booked with CompuScripts.

We look forward to the day we can get back to business as usual.  So until then, we’ll continue offering both traditional and online depositions.   CompuScripts remains dedicated to partnering with the bar to keep cases moving forward.