Three Value-Added Services for Your Complex Litigation Cases

Complex litigation denotes, even in its name, thorny issues that can make a law firm wince when intensely managing exchanges among multiple parties, geographically dispersed plaintiffs, numerous expert witnesses, complex subject matters, extensive discovery, and complicated testimony in relation to causation.

A local South Carolina court-reporting firm that specializes in servicing mass torts and Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) can offer relief for three big stressors in complex litigation and simplify your civil litigation office workflow with one call, email, or online contact for scheduling depositions—no matter which paralegal is scheduling a witness or where the deposition is scheduled to take place.

Multiple Parties: Whether you are representing injury victims and consumer plaintiffs whose claims involve defective products or defending a class action involving pharmaceuticals, there will most likely be several parties represented by different counsel. You need a court-reporting firm whose great organizational skills will be able to assist individual law offices by delivering the correct transcript and video formats in the required time frames. CompuScripts works with a law firm’s legal support team to help establish the best protocols in managing deliverables in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Law firms implement a variety of litigation support and trial preparation software. Standing orders ensure you receive what you need when you need it. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to discover that key testimony being delivered on a big screen in the courtroom is highly pixilated and detracting from the facts being relayed by the witness. Another option for clients is repository services. CompuScripts employs a secure environment where privileges can be individually or corporately configured, whatever best suits your litigation needs. CompuScripts works with the involved law firms and support teams to ensure appropriate access to exhibits, transcripts, and media from the office, home, or on the road.

Geographically Dispersed Plaintiffs:   You should be able to expect the same quality services delivered consistently throughout the nation. With three decades of experience in MDL, starting with asbestos and mesothelioma cases, Deborah Dusseljee, CompuScripts’ founder, has cultivated a network of court reporters and videographers across the United States with whom she or CompuScripts’ vice president, Bruce Balmer, have personally met and established professional connections.   Firms and individuals associating with CompuScripts are vetted and approved personally by CompuScripts’ executive team. All depositions and hearings scheduled with CompuScripts, no matter where in the world they occur, are processed, delivered, and archived in our Columbia, SC offices. This ensures transcripts and videos have passed through quality controls. CompuScripts also directly invoices clients who have established credit, alleviating inconvenient and time-consuming CODs, prepays, as well as deposits.

Complicated Expert Witness Testimony: After wading through the intricacies of a patent infringement or joint software development project gone awry, the last thing you want is your expert witness’s testimony being fouled by spelling mistakes and incorrect transcriptions of what was actually communicated. Scientific, technical and professional testimony can be challenging. CompuScripts uses a two-tier system to assist in an accurate transcription of your complicated testimony. First, we keep a small, dedicated team of highly skilled court reporters assigned to your depositions or trial testimony to ensure consistency and accuracy in the way names, words, and terms are spelled and presented. Secondly, CompuScripts logs and distributes to its assigned court reporters a continually updated master vocabulary file specific to your litigation. With the aid of picture-in-picture video options, complicated testimony can be broken down by visual presentations, such as a captured iPad image, that will assist the viewer in understanding the particulars of your case.

If you would like more information about these or other value-added services, please contact Debbie Dusseljee. We want to be your preferred South Carolina court reporters and legal videographers!