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Litigation is not the only thing that takes a hit when technology fails. Apparently Microsoft Surface tablets were not functioning properly during the recent AFC championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. CNET reported, “On the last defensive possession the Patriots’ coaches did not have access to those tablets to show pictures to their players.”

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Why You Should Hire Certified Court Reporters

Ah, the alphabet. Once you’ve graduated from kindergarten, you   don’t give those individual letters much thought. But when you meet your court reporter or legal videographer, there they are on the business card: RPR, CRR, CLVS, CCP, CBC, a sea of letters that inform you of the professional certifications of the holder. Do these acronyms really mean anything in signifying the quality of the court stenographer or videographer you schedule? You bet they do, and CompuScripts Court Reporters would like to provide you with valuable information concerning the certifications these letters represent. Continue reading