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It's possible to have successful teleconferences if you follow these tips!

Successful Teleconferences Are Possible!

How To Have Successful Teleconferences

If you’re trying to plan a meeting with participants from a many locations, it’s hard to beat successful teleconferences.  Travel time is eliminated, attendance is greater, and more is accomplished.  But none of this matters if the audio isn’t clear.  CompuScripts regularly hosts teleconferences at our Columbia Videoconference Center, so we’d like to explain how teleconferencing works and give you some tips for successful teleconferences. Continue reading

Three Value-Added Services for Your Complex Litigation Cases

Complex litigation denotes, even in its name, thorny issues that can make a law firm wince when intensely managing exchanges among multiple parties, geographically dispersed plaintiffs, numerous expert witnesses, complex subject matters, extensive discovery, and complicated testimony in relation to causation. Continue reading