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Stop Losing Precious Time Making Video Clips

How can you efficiently make video clips from testimony that’s been recorded during a deposition? Your answer: Video synchronization. Within seconds, you can locate important information with a keyword search or transcript page and line reference. Gone are the days of spending hours and hours searching Q and A’s to find relevant testimony that you’ve highlighted in a transcript. Continue reading

Customizing Your Video Deposition Evidence

bruce balmerGuest post by Bruce Balmer, MBA, CIRM, CLVS, CCVS, in-house CompuScripts legal video expert and CompuScripts Vice President. Nationally Bruce is a well-respected member of the legal video community, a steady contributor to online legal video forums, as well as a frequent speaker on legal video topics for the National Court Reporters Association. He has extensive knowledge of video capture and conversion, specializing in video acquisition, editing, and post-production. Continue reading