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Paperless Deposition with Exhibits in the Cloud

Remember the good, old days of depositions? After all the hassle a paralegal went through to schedule the appearance of all parties under one roof, there were the exhibits to deal with! Many a litigation attorney suffered chronic back pain from lugging around those heavy cardboard boxes full of paper. Continue reading

Court Reporting In The Visual Age

In the courtroom, words matter.  Law students study legal writing and oral advocacy.   Court reporting students study vocabulary and the foundations of language.   From deposition to final disposition, the words a lawyer chooses and the way those words are recorded by a court reporter are the backbone of legal proceedings. Continue reading

Customizing Your Video Deposition Evidence

bruce balmerGuest post by Bruce Balmer, MBA, CIRM, CLVS, CCVS, in-house CompuScripts legal video expert and CompuScripts Vice President. Nationally Bruce is a well-respected member of the legal video community, a steady contributor to online legal video forums, as well as a frequent speaker on legal video topics for the National Court Reporters Association. He has extensive knowledge of video capture and conversion, specializing in video acquisition, editing, and post-production. Continue reading