Meet Our New Deposition Scheduling Team Member

Meet Stephanie

Our new deposition scheduling and transcript production associate Stephanie Pendergast joins us to kick off 2017. If you are a new client, Stephanie will process your requests for court reporters to cover hearings, trials, or depositions as well as handle the production and distribution of your transcripts and exhibits. If you’re a current client, you will be receiving the same friendly, efficient service with prompt turnaround you’ve come to expect from CompuScripts — with a different accent.

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2016 Court Reporting & Captioning Week

Perspective by Debbie Dusseljee, CompuScripts President

As Court Reporting & Captioning Week draws to a close, I’d like to share a brief synopsis of my career to pique your interest in the professional life and career of a court reporter. While you will hear some people voice concerns about technological advances in voice recognition rendering us obsolete, I see expanding opportunities for using yet another tool in the advancement in the art of capturing the spoken word as written text. You will always need a neutral guardian to verify the integrity of a legal record, and into the foreseeable future, there are many environments where sounds cannot be processed exclusively by machinery. Harkening back to my Trekkie days, even in Star Trek’s original series, I remember there was a court reporter in its two-part episode of “The Menagerie” when Spock was on trial. (more…)

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Court Reporting Firm Loves Courtroom Films

Despite protests to the contrary, Americans love lawyers.  Why else would movies such as “A Time to Kill,” “A Few Good Men,” and “The Verdict” be so popular?   CompuScripts Court Reporters also loves lawyers, so for our monthly Change of Venue feature, we polled our staff about their favorite movies with legal themes.  Of course, “To Kill a Mockingbird” tops everyone’s list.   Attorney Morris Dees, founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has stated, “Its influence on my decision to take up civil rights law was profound.”  With the stipulation that “To Kill a Mockingbird” will always be number one, here are the rest of our favorites. (more…)

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