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CompuScripts is committed to providing superior videoconferencing services in our Columbia Videoconference Center. We understand that videoconferencing can be essential to a successful deposition and can save precious time and resources during legal proceedings. Whether you need videoconferencing for video depositions, expert witness collaborations, conferences among counsel or attorney/client meetings, CompuScripts is here to provide you with some of the most technologically advanced services in the industry.

Our simple online form allows clients to begin the process of scheduling a video conference at our Columbia Videoconference Center and/or remote site. Complete and submit the form below and our videoconference coordinator will contact you regarding the specific details related to your request within one business day. All scheduled videoconferencing services will be reconfirmed by phone one business day prior to the deposition or proceeding.

If you need to schedule a video conference with less than one business day’s notice, please call us at 803-728-8585 (local) or 888-849-9697(toll-free).

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