Court Reporting and Millennials in 2020

Millennials, Act Two

Gallup has studied the work habits of Millenials, and its analysis could be good news in the court reporting field.  Gallup reports that 60 percent of Millennials – those born between 1980 and 1996 – are open to changing jobs.  For Millenials interested in court reporting, their prior experience may be valuable in many areas of litigation.

Education Litigation

FindLaw  defines education law as “…the legal discipline covering all issues pertaining to schools, from kindergarten through higher education.”  Deposition court reporters covering education litigation may hear cases involving student/ teacher rights, school safety, discipline, special education, or curriculum.  Millennials with backgrounds in teaching or administration generally have a diverse, language-based academic background.  They also have knowledge of the programs and acronyms specific to the education field.  Additionally, the characteristics that make a good teacher — preparation, punctuality, and consistency — are valued in the deposition room.

Health Care Litigation

Millennials with a specific knowledge base can be in high demand in the court reporting field.  Therefore, health care workers or administrators looking for a second career might find great success as a court reporter.  Medical malpractice and personal injury are just two areas of litigation which rely heavily on witness deposition.  Consequently, the court reporting field values court reporters with knowledge of health care practices and terminology.

Construction Litigation

2019 construction starts are forecast to stay level with 2018, according to iHireConstruction, the website devoted to the construction industry.  Unfortunately,’s Daily Business Review reports that in Florida alone, “the sheer number of construction defect claims…has increased exponentially in the last decade.”  Deposition vocabulary regarding construction defects will be familiar to anyone who has worked as a project manager or skilled tradesperson.   Therefore, court reporters with a background in the construction industry are in demand in the court reporting field.

Trucking Litigation

In 2016, the National Law Review reported that large verdicts in truck accident cases are on the rise.  Trucking litigation often involves claims of personal injury and wrongful death.  Given the nationwide court reporter shortage, the court reporting field welcomes court reporters with a background in trucking and logistics.

Entering the Court Reporting Field

If you are a Millennial who is considering a career change, contact CompuScripts.  We can answer answer your questions about the court reporting field and direct you to programs to help you get started.  You may also visit ProjectSteno for more information.