Litigation is not the only thing that takes a hit when technology fails. Apparently Microsoft Surface tablets were not functioning properly during the recent AFC championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. CNET reported, “On the last defensive possession the Patriots’ coaches did not have access to those tablets to show pictures to their players.”

The sideline blunder purportedly related to a network issue. In a neutral conference room or courtroom, would you know how to make an end run around a realtime transcript connectivity issue?

Your first line of defense is to hire a court reporter who holds the designation of an NCRA Realtime Systems Administrator (RSA). She should have the knowledge and resources to address realtime feeds from the bench to the showers, starting with a confirmation that you or your IT department have set your device’s permissions to load, run, and receive data as appropriate for your software, browser or app viewing preference.  If your playbook does not include a preferred realtime viewing solution, an RSA can discuss various options available inside or outside your litigation support software. You may want to add to your real-time request a video stream to a remote co-counsel or other interested person. This can all be prearranged by CompuScripts and its professional staff before gameday.

Once your preferences have been established, your court reporter will want to make sure that the venue for the deposition is appropriate for your gameplan. Hotels and municipalities with WiFi typically commit pass interference with limited bandwidth when their infrastructure recognizes a reporter’s continuous stream. Unsportsmanlike conduct could also result from the reporter’s connection being dropped by the hotel after a couple hours. So if your realtime reporter needs to deliver live text over the Internet, make sure you or the reporter make the right call on the field by leveraging a devoted hotspot mobile device where a hardwire connection is not available. But if you are in some of South Carolina’s most remote areas, you don’t need to dress…hotspot WiFi service is a dicey road game.

Realtime reporters who use a router to provide a local area network (LAN) for realtime streams make the touchdown. Punting also scores when a reporter carries hardwired cables in her equipment bag for environments overrun with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference.

Deborah Dusseljee, Registered Professional Reporter and Certified Realtime Systems Administrator, is CompuScripts’ founder and president. Under her management, CompuScripts has been and continues to be recognized as an industry leader in realtime text solutions configured for your litigation’s Super Bowl. When you take to the field, go with a winner!

As to the pigskin spiraling through the air on Super Bowl Sunday, we say, Go Panthers! Unless, of course, you are a Broncos fan; then it’s Go SEC-Quarterback!