How do I schedule a deposition?

If you like the assurance of a friendly voice booking your deposition, then call us at 803.988.0086 or 888.988.0086 Please call us if your deposition is scheduled with less than one business day’s notice.  Otherwise, if you prefer the convenience of online scheduling, click the Schedule link.  If you would like to schedule via email, just email your notice to ordering@compuscripts.com, and we will get your deposition on our calendar.  CompuScripts will confirm your requested services by email within one business day of your booking the service and will reconfirm your requested services one business day before the scheduled proceeding.

When can I expect my court reporter to arrive?

CompuScripts’ court reporters arrive 20-30 minutes before your scheduled proceeding.   This allows time for setting up the reporter’s equipment and securing the necessary information from the participants before the scheduled start time.  CompuScripts requests a Notice of the deposition at the time of booking to cut down on paperwork at the time of your deposition.

How long does a videographer need to set up?

Videographers have more equipment than court reporters to set up, so it is important to make sure the videographer has access to the conference room one hour before a scheduled start time.  Be sure to schedule a staff person at your law firm or the deposition site to assist the videographer in gaining early access to the conference room if a deposition has a start time close to the time your firm or the office opens for business.  It’s always a good idea to give us the cell phone or direct dial number of the staff person who will be assisting with early access to the conference room in case any issues are encountered upon arrival.  Special video requests, such as an Elmo, require additional set-up time beyond the normal one-hour requirement.

Can I schedule a deposition outside of Columbia, South Carolina, with CompuScripts?

Yes!  CompuScripts has court reporters located throughout the state of South Carolina, including Charleston, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, and Greenville.  When your depositions call for locations outside of South Carolina, CompuScripts has a network of similarly-situated companies throughout the United States, Europe and Asia who can provide world-class services for your litigation needs.  CompuScripts produces and archives all deposition transcripts, along with their exhibits, here in our local offices to ensure quality and accessibility.

Why should I ask for video syncing services?

Editing a deposition video file for trial can be very time consuming.  Video synchronization time codes the words of the transcript to the location where those words are spoken in a video file.  Editing time is greatly reduced when you can word search or enter a page/line reference to find your selected video clips.  If you do not have the staff and/or time to edit your videos for trial, CompuScripts Legal Video Services provides video editing services.

When can we expect a transcript?

CompuScripts has a regular turnaround goal of ten business days for deposition transcripts.  Daily and expedited services are always available for an additional fee.  An original transcript where the deponent’s right to read and sign has not been waived can be expected in 60 to 90 calendar days.  If you need your original sooner and the deponent has not returned an errata sheet, CompuScripts can deliver your original transcript with an affidavit explaining the reason the deposition transcript is being sealed absent the deponent’s signature.  Copy orders of all transcripts are made ready for delivery in accordance with your requested turnaround requirements so as to not hold up your review of the sworn testimony.