Digital Exhibit Management in Video Depositions

Legal videographers are often asked to record digital exhibits, or digital assets.  This would be an exhibit such as a video or photograph from a computer, iPad, or smart phone. The typical method used by virtually all legal videographers to record these assets is to zoom in to the display of the device, refocus the camera lens, adjust the iris, and record a video or photograph to the best of their ability.

There’s a better way to do this, and a simple phone call enables CompuScripts, Inc. to make sure we can do this in an impressive, high-end manner, preserving the best quality possible during your deposition.

The Challenges Presented by Digital Exhibits

Digital displays are very difficult to capture during a deposition. The high gloss surface of an iPad or phone looks great when you place the device at a precise angle as you view it. However, that angle almost never is achieved when it’s handheld by an attorney or a deponent during a deposition. Instead of capturing the image properly, videographers end up capturing part of the image along with reflections of lights, windows, and other bright objects. If the video also includes sound, the audio levels will often be very low compared to the conversation level of the people in the conference room.

Computer screens have a different issue when videographers try to capture them with their cameras. The screens often have a bluish tint as a result of the different color that natural or fluorescent light has when compared to the LED monitors used on most computers. The best way to compensate for the bluish tint is to go off the record, have the computer user pull up a “white display” on their computer, and have the videographer white balance their camera to the white display of the computer. The videographer then goes back on the record, records the video asset, goes off the record, white balances the camera to the surrounding light, and goes back on the record again.

It doesn’t take long to do all of this, but it certainly is disruptive to the flow an attorney desires during a deposition.

CompuScripts offers a different way to capture digital assets like computer displays, iPads, and the like, for litigators.

CompuScripts’ Video Solution to Preserving Digital Exhibits

A video switching system allows CompuScripts to attach your device to our videographer’s recording system. All the reflections go away. The blue tint of the computer display doesn’t exist. There are no distractions, no tilting of the screen, no white balance issues. Everything is in focus and looks like what you see displayed on the device. Any audio incorporated in the digital stream will be included in the video capture (or we’ll set up a way to capture the audio through the headphone jack of the device). In a corner of the captured video, an image of the deponent can be incorporated or the witness’s image can be left out completely. Switching happens instantly and silently, with no delay or disruptions.

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