Customizing Your Video Deposition Evidence

bruce balmerGuest post by Bruce Balmer, MBA, CIRM, CLVS, CCVS, in-house CompuScripts legal video expert and CompuScripts Vice President. Nationally Bruce is a well-respected member of the legal video community, a steady contributor to online legal video forums, as well as a frequent speaker on legal video topics for the National Court Reporters Association. He has extensive knowledge of video capture and conversion, specializing in video acquisition, editing, and post-production.

CompuScripts Court Reporters offers traditional video deposition services, but our videographers enjoy the challenge when you, our clients, request creative additions to legal videography services that will fully engage the Bench or jury in the telling of your client’s story. Whether you want us to record a PowerPoint presentation from a computer, a DVD recording from a player, digital exhibits loaded on an iPad, or paper documents using an ELMO document camera, know that CompuScripts has the equipment and expertise to capture and preserve electronic exhibits on the video record, either as a clean presentation, a High Definition Picture-in-Picture recording, or a web streaming video to a remote client. These are examples of the many ways CompuScripts can customize its legal video services to fit your litigation requests. CompuScripts videographers can arrive with all the necessary multi-media tools, whether your destination is in South Carolina or nationwide… but only if you mention your special request in advance.

The growing use of sophisticated digital technology in the legal industry means an increase in the amount of specialized equipment used by videographers. When you visit our online scheduling page, make sure to note any special needs or requests under the “On-Site Video Services” section. Additional information can be conveyed under the “Comments” section. If you want to integrate an exhibit from a personal tablet, iPad, or computer into your legal video recording, make sure that you carry the appropriate cables to connect your device to a VGA or HDMI port. You can also contact CompuScripts video professionals ahead of time to see if we can connect to your device via a Bluetooth or wireless connection. The more we know and understand your unique needs, the better we can prepare to deliver an exceptional legal video experience for your ultimate viewer.

CompuScripts Court Reporters and legal video specialists can handle all your legal video requests, whether you’re at home or on the road. We’ll schedule the appropriate NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialists or AGCV certified videographer to meet you with all the tools necessary to preserve your witness’s testimony, as well as your important demonstrative exhibits, on the video record.

For more information, please contact me, Bruce Balmer, MBA, CIRM, CLVS, CCVS, with any questions you have concerning your legal video needs.