Court Reporting


Court Reporters:
Located throughout South Carolina, CompuScripts’ court reporters are timely, accurate, and trusted professionals.  Our court reporters hold certificates of proficiency including designations such as Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter, and Certified Realtime Reporter.

Remote Court Reporters:
During the current COVID-19 pandemic, all deposition participants, including the court reporter, may appear remotely. The South Carolina Supreme Court has issued an emergency order authorizing court reporters who are South Carolina notaries to administer oaths utilizing remote communication technology in the case of depositions.

Realtime Reporters:
An instant readable transcript of the spoken word is available from our realtime court reporters.  Realtime can be as basic as receiving a rough draft immediately following a deposition or as advanced as instantaneously streaming text to remote colleagues and experts around the world. Instant final transcripts are also available. We are certified Thomson Reuters West LiveNote service providers and are proficient realtime writers for Case Notebook, Summation, CaseMap, TextMap and Bridge software users.  Wireless technology is also available for CaseViewNet, LiveLitigation and Advantage Software Bridge.

Legal Transcriptionists:
CompuScripts can accept your audio file in almost any format, freeing up your litigation staff to perform other critical duties. Our experienced legal transcriptionists are highly proficient in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. An accurate and timely transcript is produced by transcribing audio that was recorded from meetings, interviews, arbitrations, hearings, or trials in the courtroom.

Transcript Delivery:
When our prompt regular turnaround time is not soon enough, we can produce a transcript in an expedited manner to meet your schedule. Password protected transcripts are available for E-Transcript, E-Publisher, YesLaw PDF, SBF and ASCII text files.  Digitizing services include photo and document scanning formats like JPG, TIF, and PDF.  Secure repository services are also available for your convenience and portable needs.  Need software? Check out Litigation Support under Helpful Links.

Realtime Court Reporting Tips

Realtime court reporting is a premium service that gives you instant access to the spoken word.  The text can be displayed, shared, and saved.  This high quality rough draft is a premium service charged by the page in addition to the classic transcript price per page.  Please specify realtime when scheduling a deposition to ensure your access to the services below.

If you need to prepare for the next day:
A realtime rough draft is available immediately after the deposition or proceeding.  This rough draft can be handed to you before you leave or emailed upon the reporter’s return to the office.  The text can be imported into your discovery software.

If you want instant access while at the deposition:
Your law office’s preferred realtime software should be loaded on your laptop or smart device before you arrive at the deposition.  Call us.  We can help you with this. You locally connect via a cable or wireless device to the realtime reporter’s text feed at the same time the written record is being captured.  You and/or your assistant can instantly access the electronic text by scrolling and marking up testimony as it is being given. If requested, CompuScripts can provide a laptop for your viewing convenience.

If you have someone in another location who wants instant access:
Internet connections can accommodate remote participants. A secure cloud server can be utilized to stream the text and/or video to a remote browser.  In addition to markup options, remote attendees can utilize secure and private instant messaging offered by various software packages. CompuScripts court reporters are well-experienced in providing cloud realtime text to participants and can assist you in determining how best to accommodate remote participation for your deposition or hearing.