Court Reporting In The Visual Age

In the courtroom, words matter.  Law students study legal writing and oral advocacy.   Court reporting students study vocabulary and the foundations of language.   From deposition to final disposition, the words a lawyer chooses and the way those words are recorded by a court reporter are the backbone of legal proceedings.

But is that enough in an increasingly visual age?

Millennials, in particular, are driving the increase in the visual presentation of information.   The growing popularity of Instagram and Pinterest attests to the desire of young adults to receive information from a visual platform.  And while no one expects an attorney to post exhibits to Facebook anytime soon, the quality of exhibits in the courtroom has never been more important.

That’s why our Court Reporters would like you to consider the way in which your court reporting agency produces your electronic exhibits.   At CompuScripts, your original exhibits are scanned by our production manager, maintaining the chain of custody.   Our high-quality equipment produces images that may be resized for presentation to your jury without loss of resolution, and your electronic exhibits are delivered in formats that may be printed or converted without loss of quality.

In the courtroom, words matter.  And images matter.   Count on CompuScripts Court Reporters to deliver both with speed, accuracy, and quality.