Court Reporting Network for Out-of-State Depositions

CompuScripts’ court reporting business is built on relationships and professional competence.   It’s been that way since the start, locally and globally.  Debbie Dusseljee, CompuScripts’ president, was reminded of this recently when she had the privilege of gathering with lifelong friends, many of whom are CompuScripts’ court reporting network partners.

This extraordinary group of thought leaders, skilled professionals, and just good people from around the United States and throughout the world range from independent court reporters, firm owners, or legal videographers, to legal vendors.  These leaders have been our allies for years in bringing you the best practices in the court reporting and legal industries.

Personal Relationships with Court Reporting Network Partners

We are able to interact in person with our court-reporting network partners and other industry friends a few times a year at different destination cities throughout the country.  We are attending seminars or conferences.  This particular meeting was called STARCon, an annual event sponsored by the Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting (STAR).  Another conference CompuScripts attends is the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) Firm Owners’ Executive Conference.

Technical Competence

The NCRA and STAR are independent organizations that each supports the integrity and competence of their respective members.  Although both organizations exist to further professionalism and proficiencies, each places emphasis on different elements.

STAR is aligned with Stenograph, a company that provides technology solutions to the court reporting and legal markets, including computer-aided transcription (CAT) software and shorthand writing machines we use in the art of real-time reporting.  STAR focuses on furthering the careers and businesses of court reporters through the integration and advancement of the latest technologies.  Aside from the wonderful networking opportunities, STAR provides extensive training, resources, and access to the latest CAT technologies.

The National Court Reporters Association promotes excellence among those who capture and convert the spoken word to text.  They are committed to supporting members in achieving their highest level of professional expertise.

Ethics and Professionalism

The NCRA Firm Owners’ Executive Conference concentrates on developing and maintaining important business relationships, as well as the affairs of running and growing a successful business.  As members of NCRA, we subscribe to a Code of Professional Ethics and that serves as the bedrock of our business model.

Confidence at Home & Abroad

CompuScripts is honored to have your trust as competent and ethical professionals serving all of South Carolina with advanced technologies and best practices in the delivery of court reporting and legal video services.  Whether we are hosting your deposition at one of our conference rooms located here in South Carolina or facilitating your out-of-state services through one of our trusted court reporting network partners, you can be assured that our standards are high and our integrity is intact.

Your transcripts and videos are distributed, invoiced, and archived right here in South Carolina for your convenience, peace of mind, and easy access.  If you haven’t used CompuScripts’ vast network of court reporting partners, the next time you have an out-of-state deposition, be sure to take advantage of this benefit.

It’s not only the relationships with our court reporting network partners we value highly, it’s the business relations we enjoy with legal assistants, paralegals, and members of the South Carolina Bar.  Long-time patronage of CompuScripts’ services and sincere feedback from clients has been an integral part of our success.  We are grateful for your referrals and kind words.  We can’t say it enough, “Thank you!”

If you would like to experience the difference CompuScripts makes in the delivery of court-reporting services, contact us.  We respect our clients and tailor services in response to what you say you need in an ever-changing technologically challenging environment.