CompuScripts Puts Words into Action

Our Words Into Action Culture

CompuScripts has a long history of putting words into action, or community involvement, and our blog is a perfect place to draw attention to non-profit organizations and charities we support because of your patronage. We all know the best laid plans of mice and [wo]men often go awry. The heart-wrenching events occurring in our world have escalated to such a critical level that we at CompuScripts do not feel we can carry on our charitable giving as usual.  We’re upping our game and invite you to join us!

In planning our blog posts, we were going to highlight female cancers for the next two months because the majority of our clientele are women, the court-reporting workforce is predominantly women, and everyone enters this world through a woman. Most likely, if you’re not a woman, you have a woman of influence in your life, including your mother, a sister, a spouse, or friend. We’ve decided to still go forward with those campaigns. They are important.

In addition to our normal monthly donations and cancer awareness months, we want to change things up and introduce you to some good charities involved in relief efforts related to the recent hurricanes, the earthquake in Mexico, as well as Africa’s humanitarian crisis.

How Does It Work?  Over the next TWO MONTHS, every time we provide you with court-reporting deposition services, CompuScripts will donate $10 to a charity you designate from the list below.

Put Your Words into Action

  • Schedule a deposition with us
  • Tell us which charity gets CompuScripts’ $10 donation
  • Once invoiced, CompuScripts makes the donation

You will find a brief summary of the ten organizations below. Each one has a four-star rating with Charity Navigator.

Cancer Research

CompuScripts’ president is an ovarian cancer survivor, so we felt it was important to highlight September as National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly female cancers, and it strikes approximately 1 in 72 women.  All women are at risk for developing this cancer.  There are no accessible, accurate, early-stage diagnostics.  If you’d like to advance ovarian cancer research while supporting women and their families, direct CompuScripts’ donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance.

Inherited mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 increase the risk of ovarian and female breast cancers, as well as other cancers.  In our initial planning phase, highlighting October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a natural fit following our gynecological cancer focus for September.  You’ll read more about this in our October posts.  If you’d like to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research, direct CompuScripts’ donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Animal Relief

Following Hurricane Harvey, many Texans became separated from their pets, farm animals were stranded by rising water, and wildlife habitats were destroyed.  As the floodwaters recede, the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is working for animals affected by the storm.  The Houston SPCA teams with Finding Rover to reunite families and pets, assists in the recue of livestock, and supports the treatment of wildlife.  CompuScripts has a history of supporting animal charities in South Carolina.  If you are also an animal lover, consider directing CompuScripts’ donation to the Houston SPCA.

While we’re discussing the health and safety of animals, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is working to care for animals evacuated from Florida shelters in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  The ASPCA has established a mega shelter here in South Carolina to care for displaced shelter animals.  Financial gifts will ensure that more animals are transported, cared for, and placed in loving homes.  If you care about the welfare of these “someday pets,” direct CompuScripts’ donation to the ASCPA.

Food and Water Relief

Hurricane Harvey has affected Texans all along the state’s Gulf Coast, and families who were already struggling with food insecurity now face significant need.   The Houston Food Bank will be collecting food and cleaning supplies, coordinating volunteers, and working with distribution centers in southeast Texas for many months as residents rebuild their lives.  CompuScripts has long supported Columbia’s Harvest Hope Food Bank.  If you are interested in organizations that fight hunger, direct our donation to the Houston Food Bank.

Following a direct hit by Hurricane Irma, the island of St. Martin is dealing with a decimated infrastructure, critical food shortages, and a lack of clean drinking water.  Water Mission, an international charity with headquarters in Charleston, is currently rushing staff to St. Martin to help provide potable water to its tens of thousands of citizens by the use of temporary reverse osmosis systems.  If you would like to help restore clean water to our Caribbean neighbor, direct CompuScripts’ donation to Water Mission.

Since its birth as a nation in 2011, the Republic of South Sudan has faced dire need due to brutal civil war.  Approximately half of the country’s population suffers from extreme hunger, and access to clean drinking water is limited.  Project CARE is working to provide food and water to these most vulnerable victims of political instability.  If you would like to help provide assistance to this burgeoning African nation, direct CompuScripts’ donation to CARE.

General Crisis Relief

Global Giving is a crowdfunding organization connecting donors and nonprofits.   Charitable organizations worldwide create fundraising pages which are vetted by Global Giving, and donors choose where they’d like their contributions to go.  Global Giving is currently raising funds for both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Relief.  Funds raised will go to supply food, water, fuel, shelter and hygiene for storm-ravaged communities in Texas and Florida.  As a South Carolina-based company, CompuScripts is keenly aware of the needs following a hurricane.  If you would like help those affected by hurricane damage, direct our donation to either Global Giving Harvey or Global Giving Irma.

On September 8, a magnitude 8.2 earthquake felt by 50 million people rocked the Pacific coast of Mexico.  The next day, Hurricane Katia struck the country’s Gulf coast.  Offers of aid to Texas following Hurricane Harvey had to be rescinded by Mexico’s government as they deal with the aftermath of two natural disasters.  Global Giving is sponsoring a Mexico Earthquake and Hurricane Relief Fund to supply those affected with emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine, as well as with long-term assistance in recovery and rebuilding.  If you would like funds to go to earthquake and hurricane relief, direct CompuScripts’ donation to Global Giving, Mexico.

Samaritan’s Purse has been meeting emergency needs of people in crisis since 1970.  In addition to the physical and spiritual aid provided to victims of war, famine, and poverty, Samaritan’s Purse also helps communities rebuild following natural disasters.  Samaritan’s Purse currently has five disaster relief locations in Texas, and has teams on the way to the hard-hit areas of Naples and Fort Myers.  If you would like to assist them in their relief ministry, direct CompuScripts’ donation to either Samaritan’s Purse Harvey or Samaritan’s Purse Irma.