Community Partner

CompuScripts has a long history of community involvement, when it comes to supporting local non-profit organizations and charities. Each recipient is carefully selected by CompuScripts not just for its mission, but also for its methods. It’s important to the staff at CompuScripts that these community organizations create long-term solutions to ongoing societal issues rather than quick and temporary fixes. Through regular contributions and involvement, CompuScripts stays connected with South Carolina area residents and helps to create a more tightly-knit community.

Each of the following organizations that CompuScripts supports does an amazing job of creating a real and measurable difference in the community:

  • Harvest Hope: This organization provides food, compassion and education for individuals throughout South Carolina.
    Harvest Hope
  • Heartworks Ministry: As the founding organization of the Jubilee Academy, Heartworks provides essential education resources to underprivileged children in Columbia, SC.
  • Oliver Gospel Mission: Thanks to this organization, thousands of homeless individuals in the area have received shelter, support and resources over the last 120 years. Gospel Missio
  • Pets, Inc.: Since 1992, this non-profit has rescued and placed over 41,000 dogs and cats while also providing essential pet services and education to the community. Inc