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Based on last year’s success, CompuScripts Court Reporters and Legal Videographers announces Words Into Action 2018.  Words Into Action is our community involvement campaign.  Its purpose is to draw attention to the organizations we are able to support when you book a deposition or order legal transcription from us.

When A Booked Depo is Invoiced,
We Make a Donation

How does it work?  When you book a deposition, you select one of five charities below.  CompuScripts will donate $10 to the charity you have selected after services for that deposition are invoiced.  Offer good through November 30, 2018.

Certified Transcription for Charities

Through November 30, 2018, another way you can designate CompuScripts’ charitable giving is to submit a media file for legal transcription of a hearing, witness interview, or the like valued at $100 or more.   Upon invoicing, CompuScripts will donate $10 to the charity you selected when you submitted your file for transcription.

Hurricane Florence Relief

In mid-September of this year, Hurricane Florence ravaged portions of South Carolina with wind and rain and devastating floodwaters.  The One SC Fund is accepting donations to help South Carolinians who were affected by the hurricane and its aftermath.

Indonesia Earthquake Relief

Later in September, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province, triggering a terrifying tsunami.  To date, more than 1,200 people are reported dead, and another 2 million people have been impacted by the damage to homes and infrastructure.  World Vision is accepting donations for rapid response to include food, clean water, shelters, blankets, and emergency health services.

Ovarian Cancer Research

Dear to CompuScripts is the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.  A woman’s lifetime risk of developing invasive ovarian cancer is 1 in 79.  Donations to OCRA fund scientific research into the biology, diagnosis, and treatment of ovarian cancer.

Breast Cancer Research

According to the Centers for Disease Control, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, regardless of race or ethnicity.  Donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation fund the research of tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis, and survivorship.

Hunger Relief

In 2017, Harvest Hope Food Bank served 733,460 South Carolina households suffering from food insecurity.  A donation of $10 will help provide 50 meals to those in need.

CompuScripts Makes It Easy!

Whether you are ready to book a deposition or order a certified legal transcription, CompuScripts makes the process easy.  You can book online, call our toll-free number, or send us an e-mail.  Contact us today to make Words Into Action 2018 another great success!