Video Conferencing

1 VC ICON WHTE BACKGROUNDVideoconferencing (also known as VTC, video teleconferencing) is about connecting people. It’s about ensuring that communications are at their very best, even those with remote participants. A virtual meeting is about improving the way we work, the way we communicate with each other, and the way we manage our time and resources.

Face-to-face meetings are vital to the success of commerce, trade and industry. Videoconferencing can augment meeting schedules and locations. Collaborations can be enhanced with videoconferencing when computer screens are remotely shared among participants. In-person interviews via a virtual conference can help you assess a candidate’s qualifications while avoiding costly air travel. Expensive travel expenses can be eased by employing videoconferences for depositions, expert witness collaborations, conferences among counsel, and attorney/client meetings.

Whether utilizing brick-and-mortar conference sites or mobile video conferencing solutions, hassle-free videoconferencing saves time and money when connecting to the world outside your office.

The Columbia Videoconference Center

Video ConferenceAt CompuScripts, we offer our clients an unique opportunity to utilize the Columbia Videoconference Center. This convenient facility offers the perfect setting for connecting face-to-face via video conference regardless of your location.

By utilizing videoconferencing and teleconferencing services hosted by CompuScripts at the Columbia Video Conference Center, costs and lost productivity due to travel are reduced significantly. Our ISDN and IP-equipped conference rooms offer a stable, high-quality HD environment which is ideal for facilitating collaborations and personal interactions via video conference.

The Columbia Videoconference Center has free parking immediately adjacent to the building and serves up Southern hospitality with complimentary beverages.

Need A Mobile Videoconferencing Solution?

CompuScripts uses different streaming platforms depending on your particular requirements for remote participation in depositions.  Two popular mobile video solutions we offer are Remote Counsel and LiveDeposition.

Videoconferencing Tips

    • Columbia Videoconference Center can provide global connection by receiving or initializing a call. Scheduling and bridging services are also available.
    • When scheduling, please indicate if you will be sharing your laptop screen with remote sites.
    • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to familiarize yourself with the equipment and services offered.
    • Avoid wearing bold colors, prints, stripes or patterns. Pastels are a great option. If you wear a white shirt, please put on a dark jacket to avoid a possible glare effect.