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How to Avoid Pitfalls of Interpreted Transcripts

If your patent infringement case or other civil litigation requires eliciting testimony from non-English speaking witnesses, here are some best practices we’ve observed for making sure your interpreted deposition is accurate and useful when employing an interpreter to accommodate the interpretation to and from English and a target language. Continue reading

Three Essentials When Taking a Deposition

Whether you are using your deposition for education about the opposing party’s case or to lock down statements or to preserve testimony for trial or to size-up a witness, you will want your transcript record to be clear and understandable.  Knowing that depositions are critical in securing evidence and recognizing that they can be one of the most expensive costs related to pretrial discovery, particularly when a deposition is being noticed to elicit testimony from an expert witness, we, as court reporters, would like to respectfully share some of the more common snares we have encountered in producing countless transcripts over the years, and offer modest suggestions that will assist you in attaining a usable transcript as you craft your record.  Continue reading