Four Steps to Reduce Your Ransomware Exposure

Picture this classic movie image: A worried parent sits by the phone, waiting for a ransom demand for the release of a kidnapped loved one. Police officers sit nearby, waiting for the information they need to locate the victim and bring the kidnapper to justice. (more…)

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South Carolina Flood Update Week Of 11/30/15

It has been two months since historic flooding wreaked havoc on the Upstate, Midlands, and Lowcountry of South Carolina. Since then, CompuScripts Court Reporting has striven to provide our legal industry clients with information regarding court closings, road closures, and volunteer opportunities. This week, CompuScripts would like to offer our clients a flood update for three key areas: agribusiness, transportation, and construction.

UPDATE:Per FEMA, The deadline for survivors of South Carolina’s historic floods to register for Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster assistance has been extended an additional 30 days to Jan. 3, 2016.


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October’s record-breaking rainfall and subsequent flooding devastated parts of South Carolina, and the legal community is stepping up to provide assistance to those who have been affected. Flood victims who are facing legal issues and are unable to afford a lawyer will benefit from a partnership between the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, the South Carolina Bar, the South Carolina Bar Young Lawyers Division, and South Carolina Legal Services. (more…)

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South Carolina Flood Situation & Update

Hello! We just want to update you on what’s going on here in South Carolina.

Although you can see the devastation on your nightly news, CompuScripts is hearing positive things at this time from those who work with us, and in fact, our offices have been able to be open most of the week. We are extremely grateful. (more…)

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Paperless Deposition with Exhibits in the Cloud

Remember the good, old days of depositions? After all the hassle a paralegal went through to schedule the appearance of all parties under one roof, there were the exhibits to deal with! Many a litigation attorney suffered chronic back pain from lugging around those heavy cardboard boxes full of paper. (more…)

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Honoring the Past


The last few weeks here in South Carolina have been tragic, emotional, hopeful, and historic. It has caused us to pause and reflect upon the history that is unfolding before our eyes. Court reporters have a long and proud history that stems back thousands of years to when individuals relied upon scribes to translate the spoken word into text. (more…)

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Julie Brandau: A Court Reporter Remembered

In previous blogs, CompuScripts Court Reporters has introduced you to members of our court reporting team and described the excellent work they do for our clients in the legal profession. Today, we’d like to introduce you to a court reporter we never had the chance to meet, and describe the excellent work that’s being done in her memory for dogs and disaster victims across the country. But before we meet her, what has brought this to the forefront is the introduction of H.R. 1566, the Local Courthouse Safety Act, by Rep. Ted Poe of Texas. We applaud legislation that assists in protecting those of us who serve in the courthouse. (more…)

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