From the Conference Room to the Courtroom: 
Mobile Apps for Lawyers

More than ever, lawyers are relying on mobile devices in the courtroom, the conference room, and the office.  Applications, or apps, for these devices allow users to read documents, perform legal research, and even manage case files.   One member of the South Carolina Bar told us, “If I’m out of the office, I rely on my iPad, whether I’m in a mediation, a deposition, or a roster meeting.”

With new apps being marketed every day, it can be hard to know where to start, so CompuScripts Court Reporters would like to introduce you to a few that might make your practice of law more efficient.   We’ve scoured information from the American Bar Association, law schools, and various technology web sites to introduce you to some of the most highly recommended mobile apps for lawyers and legal staff.


1Password is recommended by iPhone J.D., described as “the oldest and largest website for lawyers using iPhones and iPads.”  Billed as a 21st-century wallet, 1Password can store your web site logins and network passwords as well as copies of your driver’s license, passport, and bank cards in case your wallet is ever stolen.   Its Secure Notes feature allows the safe and private storage of client information, and its new Login Creator reduces the time required to access hundreds of web sites.  1Password is available in Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad, and Android versions.


Recommended by UCLA School of Law’s Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library, Fastcase acts as a national law library, providing access to federal libraries; the constitutions, courts, and statutes for all 50 states; state attorney general opinions; and specialty courts.   According to its web site, Fastcase identifies “the most authoritative cases in [search] results, every time.”   Fastcase is available for Android and iPhone/iPad.


Goodreader is recommended for use in the legal industry by BizTech Magazine.   Goodreader is a PDF reader which allows users to store and access a variety of files.  If you store case documents on Dropbox, Goodreader can sync them over for storage on your iPhone or iPad.  On the web site of the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal, attorney and blogger Jeff Richardson says, “This is the most useful app on my iPad.”  Goodreader is available for iOS users only.

LexisNexis Court Link

Court Link is recommended by Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law .  Court Link allows the user to search more than 168 million federal and state court dockets and documents.   It also monitors activity in existing cases, eliminating the need to rely on clerks of court or opposing counsel to provide updates.   Court Link is available in iPhone/iPad and Android versions.

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